A dynamometer, also known as a “dyno”, is a device that measures force, torque or power. For chassis or engine applications, a dynamometer is designed to create a load to duplicate various speed (RMP) and torque (Nm or lb-ft) requirements. From this data, power (HP or kW) can be calculated. This in turn provides a snapshot of the chassis or engine performance for comparison to the manufacturer’s specifications. Typically, a dynamometer gives the operator the ability to vary the load applied to the unit under test to mimic specific requirements. Essential In Every Way Dyno testing is essential if you are manufacturer or service technician and want to:
  • Address engine performance and durability before installation
  • Conduct a controlled break-in of a newly rebuilt engine
  • Identify a problem without risking a breakdown on the road
  • Test a vehicle without the need for a Commercial Driver License
  • Reduce warranty or return for service after a rebuild or repair
Dyno testing also is essential if you are purchasing new or used equipment and want to confirm:
  • Proof of quality
  • Manufacturer specifications are met

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